Prayers for Challenging Times

These are the beginning to my day. A simple prayer as the first post of my day.

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Prayer for May 27, 2022

May we never forget, Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, Alithia Ramirez, Amerie Jo Garza, Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez, Eliahana Cruz Torres, Eliana “Ellie” Garcia, Eva Mireles, Irma Garcia, Jackie Cazares, Jailah Nicole Silguero, Jayce Luevanos, Jose Flores, Layla Salazar, Makenna Lee Elrod, Maite Rodriguez, Miranda Mathis, Nevaeh Bravo, Tess Marie Mata, Uziyah Garcia and Xavier Lopez and makeContinue reading “Prayer for May 27, 2022”

Prayer for May 26, 2022

May your presence be felt with the families who are mourning the loss of the 21 people killed in a school shooting in Texas, O God. Help those people for whom similar experiences have renewed pain to have hope that this is the last time they will feel this pain without those in power workingContinue reading “Prayer for May 26, 2022”

Prayer for May 26, 2022

It is the dawn of another day after a school shooting and we are still thinking and praying, O God. May now finally be the time where we say that enough is enough and make true changes that will protect innocent lives. We have said this before, and yet somehow we need to become aContinue reading “Prayer for May 26, 2022”

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