Prayers for Challenging Times

These are the beginning to my day. A simple prayer as the first post of my day.

Latest from the Blog

Prayer for February 2, 2023

For the world in which we live, that we may honor your creation and treat it well, we pray.   For those who are leaders in the world, that they may strive for peace and unity, we pray.   For those who are struggling with illness, that they may find comfort and healing, we pray.…

Prayer for February 1, 2023

On this day that we celebrate the signing of the resolution that became the 13th amendment, may we continue to fight for freedom from slavery and involuntary servitude, O God who freed us from sin. Let us be consistent in our desire to remember our history, so that we may not repeat it. Help us…

Prayer for January 31, 2023

Almighty and everliving God, guide us this day as we attempt to do your will. Let us see you in the eyes and souls of the people we encounter today. Help us to listen for you in those silent times and even more so when the world seems chaotically loud. May we recognize that our…

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