Prayers for Challenging Times

These are the beginning to my day. A simple prayer as the first post of my day.

Latest from the Blog

Prayer for June 2, 2023

Help us, Loving God, to follow your example of humble service. May we look to the people in our lives and those we encounter who are gifted in putting others ahead of themselves and attempt to emulate them. We can learn so much from watching the people in the service industry, especially those who we…

Prayer for May 31, 2023

It is with sadness that I am writing to share the loss of the last of the puppies that we bottle fed from their second day of life.  The Ted Lasso litter was born on Easter Day to a mother dog who was very weak and could not produce milk, so Heather and I took…

Prayer for May 30, 2023

Help us, O God, to cherish the diversity of the world around us. You created a world that is full of so many examples of beautiful things that are varied from seasons, the animals that inhabit the earth to they myriad colors of the plants we see. May we recognize that humanity is that same…

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