Prayers for Challenging Times

These are the beginning to my day. A simple prayer as the first post of my day.

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Prayer for October 18, 2021

Loving God, there are so many people who are suffering silently.  We walk by so many of them unaware of all the burdens they are carrying.  Help them to find peace and healing.  May we be vessels of presence to them and give them the love which you call us to provide. May those whose occupation forces themContinue reading “Prayer for October 18, 2021”

Prayer for October 16, 2021

May our compassion for others always be greater than our desire for our own success, Loving God.  Make us aware when we take the chance of breaking someone down in our attempts to get what we want.  Help us to find ways that encourage others on our way to fulfilling our desires and may be best forContinue reading “Prayer for October 16, 2021”

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