Prayers for Challenging Times

These are the beginning to my day. A simple prayer as the first post of my day.

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Prayer for April 15, 2021

Glorious God, as we begin this day may we look for things to celebrate.  Help us to have an expectation that good things will happen today.  Let us experience real joy and wonder. Allow us to not let anything that is negative diminish our joy.  May our actions today contribute to others good day.  Give us the awareness ofContinue reading “Prayer for April 15, 2021”

Prayer for April 13, 2021

Loving God, be with those who are raising children this day. Help them to feel your presence as they attempt to do what is best for their children. From those who are just beginning and have infants.  May they find sleep and help their children begin the patterns of life.  As they get older may the parentsContinue reading “Prayer for April 13, 2021”

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