Prayers for Challenging Times

Painting By Jean Mason

September 21, 2021

O God who guides us, help us to listen for you today.  May we hear you in our conversations with our family, co-workers, and all with whom we interact today.  Let us take the time to fully hear what they are saying before we respond.  Help us to not be so focused on our answer that we doContinue reading “September 21, 2021”

Prayer for September 18, 2021

Heather and I have been blessed to have children be a part of our lives throughout our marriage.  We began our relationship as leaders at a national youth event and our married life spending the first 6 years at boarding schools.  We were blessed to have two incredible daughters and five foster children.  We continue to celebrate theContinue reading “Prayer for September 18, 2021”

Prayer for September 15, 2021

In the introduction to Henri Nouwen’s book Discernment it begins with this paragraph. “During the past few years I have experienced an increasing desire to write to all of you who have become a part of that worldwide net in which I have been caught: close friends, past and current students, parishioners, correspondents, family, and community members.  Today,Continue reading “Prayer for September 15, 2021”


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