Prayers for Challenging Times

Painting By Jean Mason

Prayer for 2021

O God who calls us to rest, help us to release the anxieties and expectations the world thrusts upon us in order to rest.  May we know what it is to let you carry our load for a little while.  Let us recognize when we are giving too much power to outside forces and expectations and knowContinue reading “Prayer for 2021”

Prayer for June 12, 2021

O Lord our God, thank you for the creative people who have found a ways to use their imaginations to make us dream even bigger dreams.  From the Rembrandt’s and Picasso’s to the Steinbeck’s and Hemingway’s your have given us people who help us see even more visions than the paintings and stories they created.  Thank youContinue reading “Prayer for June 12, 2021”


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