Prayer for October 18, 2021

Loving God, there are so many people who are suffering silently.  We walk by so many of them unaware of all the burdens they are carrying.  Help them to find peace and healing.  May we be vessels of presence to them and give them the love which you call us to provide. May those whose occupation forces themContinue reading “Prayer for October 18, 2021”

Prayer for October 13, 2021

On this day in 1958, “A Bear Called Paddington” was released.   Thank you God for the stories and stuffed animals of our youth. Whether it was the stuffed rabbit of the Velveteen Rabbit, Paddington, Pooh Bear or any of the myriad characters of our youth, they comforted us and helped us learn lessons.  Their adventures in story formedContinue reading “Prayer for October 13, 2021”

Prayer for October 11, 2021

Anyone who grew up watching the John Hughes movies of teenage angst, youthful innocence and coming of age  of the 1980’s knows that they captured something that was somewhat eternal. The readings of the lectionary of the past few weeks remind us that God calls us to know God as a child.  What is scary to meContinue reading “Prayer for October 11, 2021”