January 20, 2021

Loving God, today is a day of transition that will mark the beginning of a new President’s term in our country.  Many people are still uncertain and frightened by the place we find ourselves as a country.  Fill all of our elected officials with a spirit of love and compassion that will permeate the decisions they make that will affect us all.  Help them to move beyond partisan bickering and find ways to accomplish the great things which we know are possible if the best of what they have to offer is shared.  May they be focused on the immediate needs of those they serve and not be focused on political gain.  Instead, Lord God, help them to focus on the things that will help us put an end to the pandemic, and build up trust within, and for, our country.  May we not be quick to judge, but open to the possibilities that exist.  May we listen to each other and find common ways to build each other up.  May our disagreements not descend into personal attacks and instead become building blocks for something that can be found in attempting to combine the best ideas that come from our differing realities.  May we find ways to love and honor one another.  All this we ask in the name of God.  Amen

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