Prayer for March 2, 2021

O God of all Creation, 55 years ago today, you brought my brother and me into this world and gave us four and half years together as an incredible gift. All of us struggle when we lose those we love, and wish we had more time with those who are important in our lives.  Help us to find ways to celebrate the gift of the time we are given with those we love, more than we mourn the loss of those we love.  Many of us have watched as we have lost those we love and hold those memories with powers that make their loss less painful, while others wish beyond hope that they were there to save them.  I have been, like so many, Lord God, challenged by many events in my life and blessed even more.  May I make my life a testament to the reality that you bring broken people to share that brokenness to let them know that they have the chance to be forgiven, healed, renewed by your love. All this we ask in your blessed name. Amen

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