Prayer for March 4, 2021

Patient God, give us patience as we continue to fight the pandemic that has been a part of our lives for what seems way too long.  We all miss being with each other and in those places that afford us community.  Help us to continue to do what will keep us safe until we are able to truly gather.  We have lost so many, and are so close to having this behind us, may we continue to make the sacrifices needed to limit the number of those infected and those who could die if we are not careful.  We are blessed by so many people who have worked so hard to protect us, and we need to be strong for this last few yards as we finish this race.  Be with our first responders, teacher, medical professionals and all those who are working hard to make the vaccines that will get us beyond this pandemic.  May we learn from this to protect each other in the future.  All this we ask in your Healing Name.  Amen

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