Prayer for March 10, 2021

Loving God, we ask that you be with the families that are struggling during this pandemic.  Be with those who are in stress and need your care.  We ask that you help us support those who are dealing with anxiety, poverty and homelessness. We also ask that you be with those who are in foster care.  May the parents get the help they need so that they can be reunited.  May the children who are in the system feel your constant presence, and the love of the foster parents who are charged with caring for them during this time.  Be with the caseworkers, Guardians ad Litem, Foster Care Review Boards, Attorneys and Judges.  May they make the best decisions for the children in their care.  May our elected leaders find ways to better serve the families that are in the foster care system.  May they find ways to put the needs of the children first in how they draft and implement policies.  All this we ask in your Name, O God.  Amen.

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