Prayer for March 21, 2021

Restoring God, be with us this day as we come before you to worship in so many different ways.  We have learned new ways to gather as community, and have found other ways to worship than any time in our history.  As we move toward returning to a more normal kind of church, help us to continue those things that the pandemic has forced us to do that help to allow those who cannot be physically in our worship spaces still be able to enjoy the wonder of worship.  May we learn from this time that has forced us to change and be more willing to change in ways that allow more people to be included in our worship.  Be with all those people who have become so important to how we are doing worship by using their technical skills to bring worship to a much wider audience.  Allow us to continue to look to new ways to help people become a part of our community.  We are grateful for the charity that has become a hallmark of this time and ask that you help us continue to have the spirit of generosity that has helped so many during this time.  Be with us as we move into the next reality in which we find ourselves. May your Holy Spirit guide us to be who we are to be next.  Amen

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