Prayer for April 26, 2021

Loving God, there are so many times when we think we can handle what life has given us on our own.  May we learn that lesson early.  Help us to know that we are far better when we ask for help from you and from those who love us.  Give us the humility to know that we are far better when we admit when we don’t know or cannot do some test that is set before us.  Allow us the grace to ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes and the willingness to forgive others around us.  May our prayers to you reflect the frenetic and challenging aspects of our lives so that when we pray to you, it is truly who we are.  May we be willing to release all of our problems, anxieties and hopes to you and see the road before us more clearly.  Let us be willing to be guided when it is needed a be guides when you call us.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen

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