Prayer for May 25, 2021

Ever-present God, be with those who have lost loved ones during these past trying months.  We ask that you comfort them as they continue on the journey you have set before them without someone that was so much a part of their journey to this point.  Help those of us who remain to be supportive to those who have lost so much.  May we be given the words of comfort, encouragement and empathy that are needed in the moments we are with those who are mourning.  Help them when people say or do things unintentionally that cause them pain or jolt them.  May we find ways to celebrate the gift that person we love but see no longer more than we mourn their loss.  May we cherish the time we spend with those we love even more, knowing that each moment we have is a gift.  May we look to the day when we are reunited with those we love.  And may your blessing be upon us now and always.  Amen.

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