Prayer for June 12, 2021

O Lord our God, thank you for the creative people who have found a ways to use their imaginations to make us dream even bigger dreams.  From the Rembrandt’s and Picasso’s to the Steinbeck’s and Hemingway’s your have given us people who help us see even more visions than the paintings and stories they created.  Thank you also for the people who introduced us to these people, who without teachers, parents and mentors we might never have met.  May we be willing to experiment with the many genres of creative genius you have created in people throughout history so that we might inspire future generations as those who have gone before us have for us in our day.  Let us continue to be people who dream beyond our expectations and celebrate those who see the possibilities that become our realities.  You called us to do greater works than we can ask our imagine, and now is our time.  Give us the wherewithal to make those greater things not only happen but inspire the next generations to even greater things.  Amen.

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