Prayer for July 7, 2021

I was fortunate to spend time with a young woman who is at a time where she is trying to find herself as she heads off to college.  She went and had, what for her was significant shortening of her hair, which changed how she saw herself and how we saw her. It was a great time for her to begin a new identity and new set of goals and expectations. It made me think of a very different hairstyle that I got when I was her age from the barbers provided in Army basic training. 

O God who walks with us upon our journey. Help us as we move from the image others have defined for us into the reality that you provide.  Give us the strength and comfort to see the person you know we can be and the dedication to make that happen.  Let us learn from our mistakes and find support from the people who want us to succeed along the way.  May we remember the witness they provide for us and become those same people to others when our time comes.  Give us the power to become who you would have us be and a blessings to others when you call upon us. Amen.

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