Prayer for November 25, 2021

There are so many things for which Thanksgiving day is special to me, O God. I am so grateful for the first thanksgiving I spent with my adoptive fathers family. I learned that year what it was like to be welcomed as a stranger like God intended. Later, in the Army, I was welcomed by a family who took soldiers into their homes creating family for those who were far away from their native family. When I began my life with my wife, our parents (all of them) had several years where this holiday was our time to truly celebrate our combined families. When we had our draft picks, we had what my daughters described as one of our best Thanksgivings on the beach giving ourselves and two children memories that will last a lifetime. May this day be filled with new incredible memories for everyone. Be with those who we love that cannot be with us, help those who are struggling to find things for which to be thankful and heap blessings upon those who need to feel your love and support this day and everyday. Amen

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