Prayer for February 5, 2022

Thank you God for the trips of our youth. Those “Happy Family Trips” that we remember with fonder memories than our parents and the trips that we would like to forget all are a part of what makes our time in our vehicles special vessels of our lives. Remembering the road trips that made certain vehicles as important as the memories we created in them. May we cherish the time we get to spend in our cars where the rest of the world is separated from us and we can just be happy to be together. Thank you for the times we spent laughing, crying and just growing together in time on the road. Amen

One thought on “Prayer for February 5, 2022

  1. Memories of the green Edsel station wagon and driving to Yellowstone with my family and dad being irrated with four kids in the car and his mother in law! Amen


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