Prayer for June 4, 2022

Two years ago today I realized that I was beginning my day focused on my next argument with someone with whom I disagreed that neither of us would ever agree, and that I needed to focus the beginning of my day with prayer. This has been an incredible journey. My prayer life is fuller, and I am less likely to respond to arguments for which no one is likely to change the others minds.

May each day be filled with prayers for guidance, O God. Help us this and everyday to know when our gifts and skills are needed to accomplish the greater works to which you call us. May we also be receptive to the times when you call others to help is find our way. Let us be open to new and exciting ways opportunities that you have set before us and give us the fortitude to respond accordingly. May we be more than we imagine and a blessing to those whom we meet this and everyday. Amen.

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