Prayer for June 12, 2022

Today O God who Creates, Redeems and Sanctifies we celebrate two separate days, Trinity Sunday and Fathers Day. May we who often spend so much time trying to define you, O God, focus more on responding to you as Joseph did when the angel came to him. You provided his example of unconditional love when he found out that his betrothed was with a child not his own. May we celebrate all the people who have stood up as father whether as natural birth fathers or those who have adopted children as their own. We are grateful for those who have been there as fathers for a short period of time as foster parents and stand-ins for families in transition where no male influence is around. Help us to recognize and respond each and everyday the call to love one another as you love us. Give us the wherewithal to ignore the distracting call that comes when we are most needed and become who you would have us be.
All this we ask in the name of you, O God. Amen

One thought on “Prayer for June 12, 2022

  1. Such a nice sentiment. I’ve never thought the Episcopal church utilized those special Sundays enough to encourage and praise good parents and parenting. In this generation of young adults, most having to work away from home the majority of the day, the job of a parent becomes even more difficult.


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