Prayer for July 27, 2022

I am fascinated O God, by the new things I see each day and the times when people and places seem to find their way back to me. To worship in a place where two friends have been rectors and to find that one of them was my Bishop for a while and to hear and an incredible sermon from another friend in person while sitting beside my wife in church (something that does not happen often) was an incredible gift. To then be surprised by the long held friendship that my senior warden has with another priest and bishop who has been formational in my ministry made this week exceptional. Thank you Albert, Dabney and Dorsey for being who you are and great gifts to my ministry. In the past couple days, my memories of my time with each of you has been a blessing to me. May your ministry to all whom you encounter have the same gift I have been given from you. May Jesus spirit guide us all today and every day. Amen

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