Prayer for September 5, 2022

May we support those who work in fields of service that often go unthanked. Give us an appreciation for the people who work in necessary jobs that are underpaid, doing work many of us would never do. The service workers, those who work to put food on our tables and keep our world clean and free from trash, are among the many that we forget when we live our daily lives and on this labor day, O God, help us to honor their work. They are often living in less than desirable conditions and barely gettting by, if at all. May we look for ways to honor those who serve us at our most anxious times. Help us to remember those who protect us, heal us, and save us in times of great stress. Let us honor those who serve us and find ways to serve them as well. All this we ask in the name of the God who called us to put service one another first. Amen.

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