Prayer for January 10, 2021

January 10 2021

Most Holy and Compassionate God, many gather today in churches to hear about the baptism of Jesus and hear about two major themes.  Repentance and Beloved-ness.  Help us as we are coming off of a week with such incredible expression of hatred and anger to somehow repent of the actions we all have taken that have contributed to the week we just completed.  May we recognize that we have not been active in standing up to actions of hate by people that capitalize on it, and been too afraid to express the love and compassion you expect of us for fear that we might offend those who are promulgating hate. It is time for us to stand up and proclaim your love by our actions.  We can no longer sit back and let those who have loud voices and violent intentions dictate how we live our lives.  Lord God, we need your spirit, empowerment and compassion to help those who have brought us to this day to find the ability to ask for your repentance and ourselves be willing to forgive.   We also pray for those unwilling to ask for that forgiveness to know that they are redeemable and to repent of the actions they have done that brought us to where we are. May we somehow move beyond this horrible week and once again focus on the commandments you gave us to love you and one another.  May we live into the description of Jesus we hear today, “This is my Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.”  Amen. 

One thought on “Prayer for January 10, 2021

  1. “Man, Oh Man”

    With all he warnings, they but scramble and splinter
    Much like ants preparing for winter
    Hoarding not, what will get them through
    But things material, which will not do
    Nor abate, times ahead when sorrow’s great

    It’s with these days we seal our fate
    Do we live in love, fear or hate?
    From morning’s sun to evening’s rest
    Have we done our very best?
    Said a word of thanks to our forgotten friend
    The Lord in whose blessings we all depend
    It’s a war, a judgment, enfolding bliss
    As the worlds collide in one big kiss
    Good survive and in love all thrive
    But before such awesome elation
    First a time of tribulation
    Each man and nation their worst must face
    These are the evils to elim

    Each man and nation their worst must face
    These are the evils to eliminate
    That at the table we find our place
    Ever enfolded in one….embrace

    -N B Tween ( aka: Barbara Jordan)


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