Prayer for January 11, 2021

O God who strengthens us, empower us to use this week as a chance to spread love.  May we look for ways to let those we meet know that we love and care for them.  May we act on opportunities to be kind to one another.  Help us to remain calm when we are anxious and to respond with love when others express anxiety or anger.  Help those who are stressed in any way to find peace and support to combat the fear that often builds at those times.  Be with those who are dealing with the coronavirus, for those who are ill, heal and comfort them, for those treating them, encourage and protect them and for the families of those infected, let them feel your presence.  May we treat this day, and each day this week, as a new opportunity to be a part of creating the world you intend for us.  A world that calls on us to love our neighbor as ourselves requires that we give the unconditional love towards others that you give us.  All this we ask in your name. Amen

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