Prayer for January 12, 2021

O God of Grace and Glory, you have watched our world in times like we find ourselves today and I find some comfort in knowing that we have made it through tough times and found times of peace and compassion for each other.  Help us to find a way to love one another as you love us.  May each of us move toward treating each other with dignity.  Protect us from ourselves as we have become so self absorbed that we are treating people we know and love as enemies. You told us there would be times where brother would fight against brother and father against son.  We are once again in a place like that.  May we move from where we find ourselves now to a place where we can put caring for each other first and power over someone else last.  May those who promulgate violence be transformed by the power of your love and become instead active in pursuing your peace.  All this we ask in your Most Holy Name.  Amen

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