Prayer for January 13, 2021

Healing God, we have so many who are dealing with illnesses right now.  We ask that you be with those who are in treatment for illnesses that continue while we are also fighting the Coronavirus.  Their plans are often challenged by the overwhelmed medical facilities and what is already a challenging time for them is exacerbated by the addition of myriad other protocols and delays.  Be with the patients and their families who are fighting to live through this time.  Help those who are charged with their care to feel your presence and not be crushed by what is a crisis unlike anything we could have imagined. May those of us who are not at a higher risk, or not currently dealing with health issues to do all in our power to protect those around us and not be selfish in our desires to live a life that is not possible right now.  If we are go defeat all of the diseases and evil in this world we must go out of our way to show our love for one another.  Give us the strength and patience to accomplish all we need to move beyond the place we find ourselves.  Guide and Comfort us O God.  Amen.

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