Prayers for December 2020

December 1 2020

Regenerative God, this is the Tuesday after a long week and I am exhausted.  It feels as if all of the energies that were spent over the last week have finally been used up.  Help me to find the strength I need to complete my tasks today.  May I, when possible, find little pockets of respite. May my tiredness not diminish my ability to do what is needed today and my presence to those around me.  May I be patient when something frustrates me that would normally not cause me anxiety or anger.    Allow me to see the world in new ways today because I am not rushing at high speed.  Instead give me the presence to see those things I miss in my normal day.  All this I ask in your name.  Amen

December 2 2020

Blessed God, thank you for the day you have given me.  Let me use it as an opportunity to show your love to the world.  May I look for ways to lift people up and make them feel as if they are loved.  Encourage me to find new ways to serve you and the world around me.  May I be open to change, if that is the direction you are calling me, and if I am to continue in the pursuits you have already set before me, help me to continue to be excited and challenged by them.  May  I live this day with the passion that it deserves.  All this I ask in the name of you O God. Amen. 

December 3 2020

Blessed God, the road we are currently traveling is challenging.  For many, the stresses of daily life have been compounded by the abnormality of the times in which we find ourselves.  Help us to find your calming spirit as the anxiety builds.  Give us patience and help us to know that others are carrying burdens of which we are unaware.  May we be gracious to each other and show your love, even while we are struggling, and find that when we lift others spirits ours rise along with them.  Allow us to celebrate the times when we serve others, knowing that we are following where you have led the way.  All this we ask in your name O God.  Amen.

December 4 2020

Lord God, I look back on the last six months and know that many of my prayers have been repetitive.  I continue to ask that you be present with those struggling with the pandemic in its many forms.  From the illness itself which has seen such an incredible loss of life, to those who have worked hard to make them well, and the families who have been effected, be present to them and let them feel your healing presence.  As we look to the vaccine, may it be healing and prevent the virus from further spread. Help those who are called to serve us as elected and appointed officials make decisions based on what is best for those in need now.  Make them see that it is today that we need action.  Help us to be compassionate with those who are struggling and let us be willing to make sacrifices in order to beat all of the evils that seem to surround this pandemic.  May we care for others so much that we put their welfare to the forefront of our prayers and support. Help us to truly love one another and not let the evil of hate and selfishness win the day.  All this we ask in the name of a Healing God. Amen.

December 5 2020

Healing God, be with us this day as we are seeing so many who are falling ill to the pandemic.  Help those who are the caregivers to be kept safe while healing those who are sick.  May we be willing to do all that we are asked to slow and stop the spread of this disease while the vaccine is being made and distributed.  May we make sacrifices so that those in need can be fed, the children may be educated and those at risk may have their risk limited.  Help us to see the precautions we are asked to make as reasonable and worth doing to keep others from getting ill.  May we see them as acts of love and compassion toward our neighbors and those we love.  Please be with those who are scared, depressed and anxious and help them to feel your presence.  Let our words and actions be focused on love for those around us.  All this we ask in your name of the God who creates, redeems and sanctifies.  Amen.

December 6 2020

Lord God, this second Sunday in Advent finds us at such a strange time.  We are in anticipation of so much, yet unsure.  We find the pandemic changing yet again how we prepare for another Church Holy Day.  We are still waiting for so much of what this last year promised that never came and we are also grateful for some of the changes forced upon us.  We cherish our time together with those we love, we look forward to the day when we can once again gather with a full church. Help us to find ways to be in community with each other recognizing that how we gather is not as important as the fact that we must gather.  We need to feel each other’s presence and yours.  We hope and pray that we will soon be looking back on the pandemic that has infected all of how we are living our lives.  Help us to make it through this time and find ways to celebrate Christmas that honor you and those we love.  May we look forward to all that this next church year has to offer and celebrate the many gifts that you give us each day.  All this we ask in your name O God.  Amen

December 7 2020

Creator God, there is something wonderful about waking up while it is till dark and hearing the rain out the window.  May this day begin with the cleansing scent of freshly fallen rain.  May its life giving force fill us. Allow us to enjoy being in a place of shelter as your rain gives us a fresh start.  Please protect those who have to be out in this rain for either their job of the reality in which they find themselves.  Keep them as warm and dry as possible.  May this day be one where we see the new life that comes after a rain, let us hold on to the hope that it brings and build upon it so that the worries of our lives might be lessened.  Let the anticipation of new life grow in us as we slowly move towards the end of this pandemic.  Give us the strength to meet what lies ahead and may we celebrate the little gifts you give us along the way.  All this I ask in your name. Amen

December 8 2020

Loving God, thank you for the gift of this new day.  May I see each and everything I do this day as an opportunity to spread your love.  May it begin with the sense that something special is going to happen and when that becomes possible, help me to recognize it and respond as you would have me respond.  While it is easy to give up on this day, may I instead continue to see it as the incredible gift this day can become.   May my excitement fo this day spread to those with whom I interact.  Let them inspire me to see the wonder that this day has to offer.  I can choose how I respond to all that happens this day and I want to see it with the joy and wonder that you want for all of us.  Help me to end this day excited about all of the days to come, knowing they have the chance to be as special as this day.  All this I ask in your name.  Amen.

December 9 2020

O Lord our God, be with us this day.  May we fully feel beloved.  Allow us to bask in the wonder of what it is to be loved.  May we share that love with others this day.  Help us when we are tempted to lash out in frustration.  May we be patient, and when forced to wait find something wonderful in that time where we don’t have to do anything but simply be present.  Let us see that as the gift it is.  May we know when we are to push forward and when we are to sit still.  Allow us the joy of serving others in such a way that they too know that they are seen as beloved.  May we find ways to give to others without them knowing so that they simply know that someone cares without need of response or repayment.  Let us be thankful for the opportunities we are given. When we fail, help us to learn and understand that when we accept our mistakes and learn from them we succeed sooner.  All this I ask in the name of the God who forgives, heals and renews.  Amen.

December 10 2020 

Re-energizing God, be with us today as we are exhausted. We are tired of the pandemic, and all that entails.  We normally are worn out by the anxieties of this season and this year, even more so.  Help us to keep our patience when we are gathered with others who are carrying similar and greater burdens that we carry.  May we be willing to help them with the load they carry knowing that if doing so, we find our own burdens lightened.  May we take the time to rest, even if only for a couple minutes to recharged our own batteries.  Help us to know when we need to step back, and even more so, make us aware when we need to let some things go.  Let this day be one where we find ourselves energized again to do what you would have us do.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

December 11 2020

Healing God,  It is easy during this time to forget that people are still struggling with everyday things that are not related to the pandemic.  There are people who have just begun treatments for cancer, are dealing with heart disease, strokes and dementia.  There are others who have been diagnosed with myriad other diseases and are trying to figure out how best to move forward while compromised.  Still others are living in dangerous situations that exist regardless of what emergency of the day is happening.  Be with those who are living in fear, those being abused, those in foster care, prison, and homeless.  Help us to remember them and lift them up as they are impacted by this pandemic in ways we cannot fathom.  Be with those who carry the burden of serving all who are affected by the daily reality that we live in an imperfect world.  Help them to find hope, feel love and know that you are with them.  Let us be active in looking out for others and find new ways to share your love.  All this we ask in your most Holy Name.  Amen.

December 12 2020

Ever-present God, help us as we move through the application of the vaccine for COVID-19.  May we not give up on the things that protect others in our impatience.  Instead, let us be more diligent as we hopefully turn the tide against this pandemic.  Help us to be patient enough to allow the plans in place to work.  Be with those who are making and administering the vaccines as they continue to work for us.  May we look to ways that we can support those affected by this time.  Let us recognize that we want there to be hope for those who are struggling, the small businesses, the local and state governments, and those who are without work.  May we be willing to give them what they need to survive.  Help us who are able to be willing to give of our time, talent and treasure from the many gifts you have given us in support of those in need.  May we be the stewards of Creation to which you have called us.  We have the opportunity to show others what it is to truly love one another as you love us, help us accomplish that mission.  All this we ask in the name of the Ever-Caring God. Amen

December 13 2020

Forgiving God, on this Third Sunday of Advent help us find jubilee.  May we be able to proclaim the favorable year of our Lord. Let us bring good news to the poor through how we support and lift them out of poverty. May we heal the broken hearted by going out of our way to share your love.  Give us the strength and resolve to proclaim release to those who are captive both literally and figuratively.  May we find ways to forgive and release those imprisoned in ways that lead them to you O God.  May we find a way to move out of the despair that this calendar year has given us into a new year that brings about a true rebirth of the love that you wish us to have for one another.  May we stand up against those who would divide us and find ways to celebrate and build upon those things which we agree.  May we act as if Jubilee is happening now and be as forgiving of others as we want you to be of ourselves.  All this we ask in your Blessed Name.  Amen

December 14 2020

Caring God, today marks the first day of what is for many students and teachers the last week of before the Christmas Break.  Be with all of them, as this has been one of the hardest semesters for all involved.  Dealing with classes split between virtual and in-person, two days live and 3 days virtual, all virtual has made for a very challenging term.  Give the parents, students, faculty and staff strength to finish this week strong, and allow them the time to recharge their batteries for the next semester.  May we move as quickly and safely as possible back to what is a more traditional experience of school.  May they all be protected over this upcoming season so that they can return after the new year refreshed and excited to teach and learn.  Be with the parents as they deal with the regular anxieties of a break and the additional pressures this year has brought.  Help us as a community to support those who are struggling to supply for their needs and may we continue to show love and support for one another through these trying times.  All this we ask in your name O God.  Amen.

December 15 2020

Great and Gracious God, in spite of the many challenges we are facing right now, there are also so many things for which to be thankful.  May I recognize those things today and every day.  Help me to find more for which to be grateful in this day than things that anger or disappoint me.  May my focus be more on those things that bring me joy than wallow in those things that frustrate me.  Allow me to release the things I cannot control.  Let me not be weighed down by worry, anxiety or anger, and instead be strengthened by the glory of your creation surrounding me and the incredible people who I will meet today.  May I help others in making this day special.  All this I ask in your name. Amen

December 16 20202

Be with us this day O Lord God.  Help us to look for you in the eyes of those we meet today.  May we see your glory in the world around us.  You have given us so many opportunities to find wonder in your creation and we walk or drive by it so quickly that we miss the incredible gift of the world you created.  Help us to see the things we only see this time of year. May we wonder at the smells and sounds that this time of year brings.  Let this day be one that fills us with joy that we cannot help but share that joy with those around us.  May that joy be infectious.  Let us keep looking to the hope that you bring for a better world and help us to act as if we are already living in that kind of world.  A place where love for one another is exemplified.  All this we ask in your Glorious Name.  Amen

December 17 2020

Creator God, during this time that has forced us to re-evaluate and re-orient the direction of our lives, help us be guided by you.  May we listen to you as we find our way along the path that is unfolding before us.  Let us be careful to look around and see all that there is to see, so that we can make the decisions that will direct our lives informed and ready.  Help us not to rush into things that may seem to be the right decision because they seem the easiest path. May we understand that he path before us should not be so easy as to not use the many gifts you have given us.  Instead, may we choose the path that makes our lives more closely aligned to your call to us.  May that path put us in the position to express your message of love to the world, to be servants to others, and builders of foundations for future generations.  It is in times like these that some of the greatest ministries began, may we be a part of the change that this world needs.  All this we ask in your name. Amen

December 18 2020

O God who calls us to do more, help us to see the opportunities before us today.  May we look at our past mistakes as lessons not weights around our necks.  May we instead focus on using the gifts you have given us to the best of our abilities.  May we find ways to support others to those same excellences. When we falter help us to find our way back to the path to which you have called us.  Let us lift others spirits by how we live this day.  May it be for us the catalyst to do the “greater works than these” you know us capable of performing.  Let this day be lived fully in the present as what we do now is the only thing we can truly control. If we are to wait to act and let opportunity grow, give us the patience to make that happen.  Sometimes the most incredible action is to do nothing.  Give me the wisdom to know which is which.  All this I ask in your name.  Amen

December 19 2020

Loving and Protective God, I pray today for all those who are involved in the foster system and those children that are at risk.  Please be with the caseworkers because they are often overworked and in high stress situations.  Help the parents who truly want to change and make theirs and their children’s lives better.  Be with the Department of Social Services, Judges, attorneys and guardians ad Litem who are charged with the care of these children, and empower them to focus on the children’s needs first.  Be with those who are called to foster these children.  Give them patience when they are stressed, guidance when they need it, a deep well of compassion and support from the community around them as they focus on the needs and well being of the children.  Most importantly, Lord God, let these children know they are loved, may their foster home be a place of refuge, may they find all the support they need as they go through this scary time.  Help them to also know that they are not to blame for being in foster care.  May those who are entering care during this time be engulfed in love and compassion. Help them as they get frustrated by the system as it takes so long for them to be reunited, and sometimes that system decides they are not to be reunited.  Be with those children who are in the system so long that they age out.  May all of  these people feel your presence, may they be supported by your love.   All this I ask in your name.  Amen

December 20 2020

Lord God, Be with us this day.  Many of our churches and religious centers are going back to limited and or live-streamed services due to the rise of numbers in new COVID infections.  May we put each other’s safety ahead of our own and keep the distance recommended.  May we protect others by our actions.  May those in government put the needs of the people ahead of some political agenda.  Help us to meet the challenges as the come and do our best given what we have been given to lift others up.  Protect the front line workers who are caring for those who are sick from COVID and all the other reasons that they are treating people.  Help us to remember that the longer we are dealing with this pandemic the harder it is for those who are dealing with other illnesses.  Please help us to love one another so much that we are willing to sacrifice some of our short term desires for the long term needs of our world.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen

December 21 2020

Creator God, you have blessed us with imagination and hope.  This week is filled with dreams that so many have for those they love.  This season has been very different for all of us in that we have so many things weighing us down.  Help us to regain that sense of a child’s vision of the world.  A world that’s first thought is to welcome, to love and to see one others as friend.  May we know that when we live our lives with the extraordinary passion and unfailing sense of possibility that we accomplish great things.  May this week somehow becomes something extra-worldly as we see planets align in a way that shows that by making us in your image we learned to create images that seem beyond expectation.  Allow us to step away from the anxieties that the outside world seems driven to make our focus and instead see what our imaginations can envision when we see the created reality you imagined for us.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen 

December 22 2020

Loving God, May I be present today.  I know with all of the distractions that this season provides it is very easy to not give full attention to the people I meet, the tasks I attempt and what is happening in the world around me.  On a normal day it is challenging, and now is certainly not normal.  Allow me to not be so distracted and rushed that I may see the beauty of the moment.  Give me the patience to allow ideas to blossom into something special.  May I listen fully to what is happening around me.  When I am placed in a position to do something to support others, help me to recognize and act on that opportunity.  Whether it is as simple as opening a door for someone, greeting them or something that will take more of my time and energy to meet other’s whom I meet today’s needs allow me to see that as part of what you have called me to do this day.  Let me celebrate the opportunity to serve others.  All this I ask in your name. Amen

December 23 2020

Lord God, Creator of the Universe, you have journeyed with us throughout time and have seen humanity in its best and worst times.  We are in a time that is scary for us.  We appear to be at a time where trust for one another is not easy, places where we used to refer for honest answers have been challenged and we are falling back on thinking right and wrong can be defined by answers we would prefer.  Help us to step back and measure our actions and our truths, by asking where we can find love, where we can find you, and where it benefits all.  You have gifted us with reason.  Help us to use that rather than our desires when we hear things that we may not like but are true.  Help us to recognize that those with whom we disagree are worthy of your love.  May we not act in ways that tear down when we are attempting to find answers.  Instead, may we find ways to lift each other up. May we feel your presence now and always our true and loving God. Amen

December 24 2020

O Lord our God, this day is filled with anticipation for tomorrow to come for so many.  Help us to live today fully.  May we not be so focused on what is coming that we miss out on what is right before us.  For many, this Christmas Eve will be very different.  There won’t be the pews overflowing with people dressed in their finery.  Glorious processions into the church singing those incredible hymns will be replaced with small groups and people watching on their screens.  The wonder of a sung high mass with incense and Sanctus bells will be missing for many.  May we recognize that the birth we celebrate today had it’s main characters alone and scared, pretty much homeless.  May we celebrate today, in anticipation of what each new day brings and use the many gifts you give us to show our love for our families, friends and neighbors as we all struggle to find our own special moments during this time of trial.  All this we ask in the name of the Loving God. Amen.

December 25 2020

O God who Blesses us, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, help us to honor those who are working today and cannot be with those they love.  Let those who are serving in war zones and dangerous places to keep us safe be protected and feel not only your presence, but our love for them.  Be with the people who protect us in our cities and towns who will be called today to be with people in some of their toughest times.  May the health-care workers who work while we sleep and while we celebrate know that we are grateful for the work they do regardless of the holiday.  May we find ways to help those who are struggling with homelessness and poverty this day and everyday.  We also ask that you fill those people for whom this day causes anxiety and pain with your comforting presence.  May this day of celebration of the coming of the Christ Child be one where people around the world feel your presence by how we act toward one another.  All this we ask in your most holy Name.  Amen 

December 26 2020

Lord God, May we overcome the anger and fear that seems to permeate so many people’s thoughts right now.  We have become so jaded that we cannot imagine not getting our way, and think that if we do not it must be wrong or unfair.  Help us to understand that sometimes the answer to our desires is “No,” and sometimes it is “Not Yet.”  May we recognize that when we look toward the possibilities that are before us in spite of small setbacks, or even major ones, we find ourselves much less burdened by the curves and forks in the road that lead us along the path that you have set before us.  If we let those hinder us too much we miss the joy we find after accomplishing great things in spite of the challenges along the way.  Let us find courage and passion as we attempt to do your will, and may we be willing to enjoy the gift of those whom you put along our paths.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

December 27 2020

Ever Present God, this is the last Sunday of of what has been a very challenging year.  We have lost so many of those we love to a pandemic that has also affected all aspects of our lives.  Please help us as we mourn those who have died, and give us the fortitude to do what is right in combatting the disease.  May we also find ways to celebrate the many good things that have happened since COVID-19 has taken over our lives.  Countless children have been born bringing great joy to so many families this year, people have still gotten married, and we have seen charitable giving grow higher than ever.  May we continue to care for each other so much that we continue to give to those in need and support our essential workers from those stocking our shelves with food to the medical professionals and all who support those who are ill, recovering, or in long term care.  This is the opportunity for us to truly live into the challenge you give to the apostles when Jesus asks Peter if he loves him, “ Feed my lambs…Tend my sheep…Feed my sheep.”  Help us to keep loving and caring for our neighbors at the forefront as we move into this next year.  All this we ask in all Your Holy Names.  Amen

December 28 2020

O Lord our God, I am so thankful for the people with vivid imaginations that have helped us see the world in so many different ways.  You blessed our family with foster children for a couple years and our little boy loved superheroes, and every time he saw Stan Lee (whose birthday we celebrate today) in any movie he jumped up screaming “Stan Lee” as if he were seeing all of the heroes he created in one.  There have been so many from Aristophanes to Shakespeare to Steinbeck, Tolkien, and Stan Lee all of whom used their gifts to create stories and characters that somehow live on in our minds and grow in their imagery.  May we always honor those so gifted in giving us words that create infinite images that help our passions and dreams become bigger and bigger.  Give us the freedom and time to dive deeply into the stories we read as they show us so much more than we realize.  All this we ask in the name of a God who creates and gave us the gift of dreaming.  Amen.

December 29 2020

Loving God, may this day be one filled with opportunities to serve.  May I go out of my way to greet those I meet with enthusiasm and grace.  Help me to know when I am to serve others when the opportunity presents itself.  When I am uncertain about actions to take give me confidence to step out in faith knowing you are with me.  As I interact with others help me to encourage them in their endeavors and be willing to drop things that may be important to me in order that I might help them when asked.  May I be open to seeing the world in new ways that make expressing love for my neighbors easier.  May my own prejudices become apparent that I may change into a better person and more easily see the journey that others are walking.  May I end this day feeling as if I have become closer to the person I am meant to be.  All this I ask in your Name.  Amen

December 30 2020

Caring God, be with those whose lives are focused on care and education of others.  The teachers who, right now, are taking their Christmas break to work on lesson plans and preparing for school to start back in January continuing a strange school year with various ways of meeting the needs of their students.  Those who work in the medical, rehabilitation, memory care and nursing home industries who have been challenged greatly by COVID-19 in how they prepare and care for their patients while protecting themselves.  Those who work in the food industry from farming to production to the restaurant workers, all of whom are working hard through challenging times, putting themselves at risk to provide for our essential needs.  The first responders who continue through this time to provide protection and critical care in emergencies.  Protect them, help them to feel appreciated and loved.  May we go out of our way to do things that honor the work they do for us.  May their families feel your love and presence while they fear for these critical workers.  All this we ask in your name. Amen 

December 31 2020

Lord God, today is the last day of a very challenging year. Thank you, O Lord our God, for your presence with us this year. Help us to honor all the lives that were lost due to COVID-19. May we be diligent in protecting ourselves and others as we continue to fight the virus spread.  Give us your spirit as we interact with others as we hopefully find our way back to a more normal existence in the new year.  Keep those who are going to celebrate the end of this year tonight safe.  Be with those who will be working to keep us safe and healthy and help them to feel your presence as they deal with the emergencies that will happen today and into tomorrow.  As this year ends, let us find ways to celebrate the good things that happened and let us find hope in the reality that while tough times occur we also have moments of great joy.  May the new year be filled with opportunities for us to express your love for each other. We ask this in the many name we give you O God.   Amen

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