Prayers for November 2020

November 1 2020

Gracious God, this is the day we remember the saints who are no longer with us.  Help us to be formed by their actions.  May we be willing to sacrifice when called to serve others.  May we celebrate them for listening to your call in their day and recognize when we are called to saintly action.  Give us the strength to do what is right.  Let us know that there are a great cloud of witnesses that are walking with us when we make what seems like a lonely decision to step out in faith.  Help us find the fortitude to be “patient and brave and true” so that we can “be one too.”  Amen

November 2 2020

Protective God, be with us this week as we deal with what will probably be filled with anxiety.  Help us to be honorable to each other.  Allow us to not get too angry about whatever happens and instead look for ways to find unity. May there be clarity as soon as possible and may we be willing to accept that we may not get our way.  Help us, because there are many who will not agree with the results whatever they may be.  May they not act out in violence and hate.  May crowds not be worked up into riotous actions.  May those who have put their names in consideration for public office be honorable whether they win or lose.  Let us feel your presence and find ways to share your love in this time of great tension.  Amen.

November 3 2020

Today, O Lord, is going to be a stressful day for many people.  We are filled with anxiety over where our country will be headed after this election. We know that people will be unhappy with the results and many will be angry.  Help us to find ways to unify around those things that benefit each other.  May we find ways to be calm in the midst of a what seems like a great storm.  May those who are elected recognize that they represent us all and may those who are not elected be honorable in their actions following this election.  May we as a country focus on sharing the love that you would have us share for our neighbors.  May we as children of God be peacemakers. Help us to feel your presence throughout this day and every day.  Amen

November 4 2020

Be with us this day, O Lord.  We ask that your presence and spirit fill us with love for our neighbors.  May we focus on how we care for those in need, the sick and the friendless.  Allow us to move beyond the anxieties that others want to thrust upon us and focus on our relationships with the people with whom we interact today.  May we take a break from the vitriol that exists in the political world and focus instead on the beauty of your creation.  May we be thankful that we have this day ahead of us.  Let us focus on making this day one where we remember it for how well we treated each other.  All this we ask in the name of a Loving God.  Amen.  

November 5 2020

O Lord our God, may we find joy today and share it with others.  Let us recognize that there are people who need to feel the love that surpasses understanding.  They need to know that they are a beloved child of God. May we encourage people to see the wonderful opportunities that abound.  May we help those who are discouraged to find hope.  May those who are sick find healing.  Let those who are anxious find peace.  Allow us to see ways to share your love with our neighbors.  May your spirit fill us and guide us to do your will.  Amen

November 6 2020

Loving God, help us as a people to find ways to build upon those thing were we find common values and needs.  We are filled with anxiety about the future of our country and our world.  Too many people are angry and not willing to look at each other as if they were a child of God.  Be with us, make us keenly aware of how we respond to those we meet, or respond to, this day.  May we find common ground with those with whom we disagree and look for the opportunity to learn something from them.  Help us as we struggle with the desire to have answers (and to be honest the answers we want) and instead know that sometimes the answer will not come in the timeline we desire or with the outcome we expected.  Let us be patient with each other and truly look at each other as beloved.  Amen

November 7 2020

Forgiving God, help us not to judge each other.  We very quickly decide how we are going to respond to what people begin to say without giving them the chance to finish their sentence.  Help us to listen fully to one another.  Let us be willing to take the time to truly acknowledge the people around us.  May we see them as members of our family, people we cannot help but love.  Let us begin our interactions with each other ready to give them the attention they need and we expect from them.  May our love for each other be so apparent that they cannot help but reciprocate.  All this we ask in the name of a loving God. Amen

November 8 2020

O God of Grace and Glory, be with us this day as Christians gather in various ways to celebrate the many gifts you have given us.  Help us to use our time together to renew our energies toward the ministries to which you have called us.  Help us to use this time to let go of the anxieties, guilt and everything else that separates us from the ability to see you in those around us.  Give us not only the gift of forgiveness but the recognition of that forgiveness in all its ramifications.   Allow us then to run the race you have set before us with your love shining through our eyes and actions.  All this we ask in your Name.  Amen.

November 9 2020

O God beyond our imagining, help us this day as we find ourselves in technology purgatory.  May we not be so frustrated by social media.  May we not be frustrated by the one person in the Zoom meeting who forgot to mute their microphone or that their camera is showing all of life behind it. While we are thankful that we have ways of gathering virtually we look forward to the time when we can gather together face to face.  May we be patient with those with whom we interact when we are out in public today.  Let us take the needed precautions to care for others so that we can get back to more personal interactions and gatherings.  Be with our healthcare workers who are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of people infected by COVID, and give those who are working for the cure the skills they need to accomplish that quickly.  All this we ask in your name. Amen

November 10 2020

Blessed God, we remember that on this day in 1989 the demolition of the Berlin Wall began.  May we tear down the walls that divide us and look toward ways to gather in love of one another.  May we recognize that we are all part of one world and may we look for ways to care for each other.  May we look to ways to help those who are in need, feed those who are hungry, provide comfort to those who are ill.  Let us celebrate our uniqueness while recognizing that we must also build upon those things that are truly needs of everyone.   Help us to destroy the walls that are built by hate and fear and build gardens and parks of gathering, schools for teaching, medical centers for healing and homes for those without shelter.  All this we ask in the name of God. Amen.

November 11 2020

Lord God, we remember today our veterans.  This was first remembered as Armistice Day marking the end of World War I.  It was meant to be the end of all wars, which we know to not have actually happened.  This day remembers who served our country in times of peace and war who stood ready to protect our country.  It honors both those who gave their lives and those who lived on.  Give those who have been stepped up for our country the honor they deserve. We thank you for their service. Protect, also, those who serve today, especially those in harms way.  Be with those who have served and carry burdens from their service.  Give them comfort, help them to find healing and the support they need.     We thank you also for the families of those who served for they were an important part of that service, their support and sacrifice was great.  May we find a way to end all wars.  All this we ask in your name. Amen

November 12 2020

Redeeming God, we are in the forgiveness business.  Now more than ever we need to work to forgive.  It is hard work and not easy.  It means we have to let go of our anger, hurt, anxiety and desire to lash out in response.  Help us to overcome the things that keep us from forgiving others, and the very challenging reality that forgiving ourself is harder.  Let us release the chains that have bound us and be ready to meet the days to come with new optimism.  Give us the peace we need to truly be present with those around us. Let us be comfortable when challenged for our actions and willing to learn from those times.  May we also be open to the reality that we don’t know what those whom we are with are carrying.  Let us be your presence to them this day and every day.  Amen.

November 13 2020

Lord our God, we remember this day the continuing battle we have with how we treat those different than us. On this day in 1956 the Supreme Court ruled that segregation on buses in Alabama unconstitutional.  In the time we find ourselves there is still separation by races in various ways, may we find ways to truly become one people who see each other as a beloved child of God beautiful in our differences and one in love for one another.  Help us to lift the barriers that exist real and imagined from becoming better to each other.  Let us welcome the strangers in our midst as if they were a long lost friend an share with them the opportunities we would want for ourselves.  All this we ask in the name of you O God. Amen

November 14 2020

One of my favorite people in the world has recently co-authored a book called “Launch.”  In it she and her co-author give some lessons on adulting, and the first lesson is probably one of the most appropriate ones that none of us do well.  Ask for Help.

O Lord our God, our world expects us to handle everything on our own and to not be so weak as to ask for help.  Help us to recognize that asking for help is in fact a sign of strength.  It means we are comfortable enough with our abilities to know that others do it better and they may make our lives easier.  When we ask for help we empower others, and let them know that we trust and love them enough to let them take control of something.  Give us the strength to know that we can learn something new by asking for help.  May that simple act let us become closer to one another in an age that wants us to be divided.  Let us live into the body of Christ by knowing that we cannot be all things alone and were meant to have others walk with us, sometimes supporting us as we walk.  Amen.

November 15 2020

Blessed God, I ask that you be with those who are working hard to keep us safe.  For those serving our country in harms way, keep them safe and bring them home.  For those who protect and come when we call in an emergency, may they be protected.  For those who are working in hospitals and places caring for those who are sick, may they not be infected by the horrible disease that is challenging us all.  For those who are called to lead us, the local leaders, state and national leaders, may they overcome the things that divide them on policy and give up the desire to win some useless advantage and instead do what is best for the health of us all.  Give all of them, wisdom, patience and grace as they work to keep us safe.  All this we ask in the name of a God who wants us to be made whole and well.  Amen.

November 16 2020

Compassionate God, be with us as we continue to live in anxiety.  We have had almost 1 million people infected by COVID in the last week and it looks like it will only get worse.  Be with those infected, their families and the medical professionals who care for them.  Give those who are responsible for making the vaccine the skill to perform it quickly and safely.  Give those in our government the strength to do what needs to be done to protect those affected by this pandemic.  May they step away from party loyalty or some sense that they will have more power the longer this goes on and do everything in their power to fight this pandemic.  May we come to the day beyond this pandemic more caring for one another, may we learn to be the people you would have us be.  Let us love one another as you love us.  Amen

November 17 2020

Patient God, We know you hear our prayers before we ask, and are probably amazed at how at times we don’t recognize the answers when they are right before us.  Please help us to know when we are meant to be the instrument answering the prayers of others.  Help us to see that at times we are the right person at the right time for someone who needs to feel your presence and love.  As we go through this time where so many are feeling lonely, scared and without hope, may we be a part of making others know they not only deserve to be loved, but actually feel that love.  May we focus on those things that build people up and not tear them down.  Help us to be aware that others are carrying burdens of which we are not aware.  May we be a part of bringing peace to those around us in this time of turmoil.  All this we ask in the name of the omnipresent God. Amen

November 18 2020

Ever present God, may I be present to those I meet today. May I listen fully.  May I be the person they need me to be today. Let me not try to fix everything.  Instead let me be the person they need me to be.  May I simply be there for those around me.  Allow them to know that they mean so much to me.  Let my focus be so true that they feel your love in my attention.  I know that when I focus on others, I feel you in my life more clearly.  May I be in that place where I not only feel you, but recognize you in those around me. Let me see your spirit in them. All this I ask in the name of the God who wants most for us to be in relationship with you O God. Amen 

November 19 2020

Healing God, be with our country today. We are struggling with so many things that we need to feel you more clearly than normal times.  Help us to look for those with prophetic voices calling us toward love for one another.  May we not be self-absorbed and selfish in our daily lives.  Help us be patient with one another.  May we treat each other better than we have been.  Let us not listen to the voices that call us to be divided and look toward those who want us to unite in a common purpose.  We need it more than ever as the disease that is ravishing our land and killing us seems to be growing at great speed.  Protect us from ourselves and our desire to have it our way.  Help us to care for each other and learn to tread those we meet today as beloved children of God.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

November 20 2020

Caring God, as we end this work week and move into the weekend give us rest from the stresses of the world. Many are losing sleep over the myriad challenges we face in this time we find ourselves.  We have so much on our minds that we cannot find the refreshment we need to recharge our batteries.  May we find ways to let go of the anxiety that has permeated our being and be at peace, even though it may only be for a little while.  Give us the time we so desperately need with those we love and help us be present to them and not be distracted by things for which we have little or no control.  Let us instead, deal with those things that we can control and release those we can’t.  Give us the strength of character to recognize the difference between those things.  Allow us to meet this next week which will be filled with it’s own anxieties refreshed and ready to go.  All this we ask in your most Holy Name.  Amen

November 21 2020

Compassionate God, I am grateful for family today.  As we prepare for Thanksgiving next week, knowing it may be very different than normal, help us to be thankful for our families both the one we were born with and the ones we have chosen.  Let us look out for those who have less for which to be thankful this year. Especially be with those who have suffered loss both in those close to them and in other ways.  May we all find things for which we are grateful and attempt to celebrate more than we mourn.  May we connect with those we cannot see in the ways we are able and let them know that they are loved.  May we find ways to gather other than face to face when we cannot gather any other way.  All this we ask in the name of a loving God. Amen

November 22 2020

O God of Hope and Love, be with us as we struggle in this season.  In a more normal year, this time of year can be challenging and this year we have so much more stresses thrust upon us.  It is a year where many are missing those we love, those we have lost and those we cannot see due to the pandemic and the many limitations it has put our our chance to be family and community.  So many of our traditions are put on hold or cancelled altogether.  Let us live in the hope that this year is an anomaly.  Let us find ways to share your love with those in our community who have little or no hope.  Help us to feed those who are hungry, comfort those who are struggling and heal those who are ill.  May we recognize as we move into this holiday season the opportunities we have to lift people up and by our sharing the love and hope you provide, others will find it as well.  All this we ask in Your name.  Amen

November 23 2020

O Lord our God, Creator of the Universe, you have given us so much for which to be grateful.  It is hard at times like this to see the beauty and wonder around us.  Help us to see the amazing things this world has to offer.  May we take the time to see the turning of the leaves, the sunrise and sunset, the beauty of the sounds of nature and the joy of a child’s laughter.  May we recognize those things especially when the anxieties that seem to surround us and may we find hope in the unfailing beauty of your world.  May your healing power be felt in this world that needs so much healing both physically and mentally.  All this we ask in your name. Amen.

November 24 2020

Ever present God, may we find you in unexpected places today.  When we are most anxious may we feel your presence manifest in those around us.  When we are scared, comfort us and give us peace. If we are ill or in pain, heal us.  Help us to see you in the little things that happen.  Help us to expect your guidance in the decisions we make and may we find ways to have our actions be an expression of your love.  May we look for ways to encourage those we meet today.  When we are frustrated, may we be able to ask for help and guidance from others. Help us to comfort those who are scared, mourning and be present to those who feel alone. All this we ask in your Name.  Amen

November 25 2020

Loving God, be with those who are alone, both those who are truly physically alone and those who feel as if they are alone.  Help them to feel your presence.  May we find ways to be there for them as best we can during these strange times.  May we check on our neighbors, family and friends.  Help us to go out of our way to let them know we care and love them.  May they gain the confidence of a sure an certain hope guiding them to you and your immeasurable love.
Help us to find ways to protect those who are at risk.  Be with those who are homeless and hungry, may they find shelter and an avenue toward permanency.  Comfort those who are ill and afraid.  Help them to be lifted up and held close by your love.  May those who have lost loved ones this year feel you even more deeply this day.  May they celebrate the lives of those who are no longer with us more than they mourn the loss.  It is much harder this time of year, so put people in their lives that comfort them.  For those who are contemplating harming themselves, may they find hope and a path away from such actions.  Let them know that they are a beloved child of God who is truly loved by others.  May they be lifted up and held in your loving arms, O God.  All this I ask in your name.  Amen

November 26 2020

Blessed God, while it seems like a hard thing to say today, help us to find things for which to be thankful.  May our strange gatherings of family, whether they be in person greatly limited or via some form of technology, be thankful for what we do have.  Help us to lift up the downcast, may we find new ways to express our gratitude by treating others with the love and grace that you would have us share.  May those who are confused by all the changes and scared because it is not a normal time be comforted and feel the deep wonder of your love.  May the hungry be fed and may we share our blessings with others.  Let us be willing to give up some of our excessive appetites and instead give of our time talent and treasure in new way to the glory of your name.  A we find ourselves in our individually houses may we celebrate all you have given us by sharing that bounty with others.  All this we ask in your name. Amen.

November 27 2020

Caring God, many of us are waking up after a very different Thanksgiving.  Help those people who are missing the things that we once considered inviolate find those things that are most important in the moment.  May we look with anticipation to those events that seem lost now, but are only temporarily missing from our lives.  May we take the actions that will help limit the damage of this pandemic, even though it is truly hard for us to do.  May we choose to protect others, many of whom we do not know.  May those leading our governments support those in need during this time and find ways to protect us without making it seem punitive.  May we who have been given many blessings support those programs, ministries and groups that support the people in most need.  Again we pray for those who are caring for those we love.  There will be more people we love infected by the corona virus, hurt by the economic realities of this time, struggling with the anxiety and depression that occurs from lack of close community with each other.  Be with those who are struggling with these times and help them find hope.  All this we ask in the name of you, O God.  Amen. 

November 28 2020

 Lord God, may this day be restful.  May we accomplish the tasks set before us and then spend time with those we love.  May they feel our love and your presence as we are together today.  For those who are working may their day be filled with joy and wonder.  May they show forth your love to those they meet and end their day filled with a sense of accomplishment. For those who are struggling, ill or filled with fear, may they feel your healing spirit grow in them this day, and may they know you are walking with them.  May we be able to celebrate this day as one of those memorable ones because of who we met and how we lived this day.  All this I ask in your name.  Amen

November 29 2020

Blessed God, may our batteries be recharged today.  May this day make us ready for what lies ahead this next week.  Help us to make our lives expressions of the love that you have for us, and may we reflect that love in our interactions with those around us.  Help us to find beauty in each moment.  May this day be one where we can lay down the burdens we are carrying long enough to be rested enough to lift them easily and see them for what they are.  If we are meant to release them entirely, help us set them down knowing that we have carried them long enough.  Let us feel the strength that comes from feeling the power of redemption and release.  May we forgive ourselves and others so fully that the memories of what needed forgiving are distant from our minds. Give us that freedom that comes from complete atonement.  All this we ask in a God that forgives, heals, renews.  Amen.

November 30 2020

O God of Grace and Glory, may we see the opportunities to show love to others today.  May it be a day of service.  Let us focus on what can make our small part of the world better.  May we have patience when we are stressed, and recognize that we do not know what burdens others are carrying.  May we be willing to help people without being asked.  May we open doors for others both real and metaphorically.  If we are given the chance to make someone else’s day better may we do that without thinking.  May we treat those who serve us this day as if that service were the phenomenal gift that it truly is.  Let us be quick to say thank you and even quicker to apologize if that is warranted.  May we live this day loving you fully by how we love others.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

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