January 18, 2021

Compassionate God, there are so many of us who are dealing with loss right now and struggling to find our way.  Help us to know your presence by the love that others show for us during our times of great anxiety and pain. While we all want some answer for why we are in such pain, there is no answer that will adequately help us through our loss.  Instead, may we feel your presence through the love shown by those that attempt to comfort is.  May we know that while no one knows the burden that we are carrying that compassion and empathy for that load helps us know that we are not alone.  Allow those who are mourning with us to have the words that comfort us and give us the recognition that when they get the words wrong, it is not intentional.  Let your love pervade us and help us to celebrate the gift of those we see no longer more than we mourn their loss.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

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