January 22, 2021

O God of Grace and Glory, help us to find joy today.  May we spread that joy with those we meet.  May we find ways to celebrate all that this day has to offer.  Let us be ready to serve others and find ways to make those around us know that we truly enjoy their company and want for them to have as fantastic a day as a possible.  Let our actions be ones that show love and compassion for our neighbors.  Allow us to learn from those with whom we struggle, because we know that when we struggle with others they tend to have something to teach us.  May those who are struggling with illness, anxiety and loss find some little thing that brings them hope.  May they feel your presence as they deal with things that may seem beyond them. Give healing to those who are ill and be with all those who are caring for us and protecting us knowing they are sacrificing of themselves that we might be well.  All this we ask in your name. Amen

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