Prayer for January 23, 2021

Cleansing God,  You call on us to release every encumbrance so that we can run the race set before us (Hebrews 12:1).  Help us to get rid of those things that are holding us back from being who you would have us be.  Release us from the bonds of hate, fear and anger that so cloud our vision.  Let us instead see the whole of your created world for its beauty and possibility.  May we recognize the regenerative power of the sun, the cleansing strength of the rain and the restorative power of nighttime rest.  May we lay aside our differences and focus on those things that feed others.  May our actions reflect our desire to make the world a place where no child or person goes to bed hungry, thirsty and unprotected.  May we cherish the honor the gifts you have given us by using them in service of others. May our choices this day glorify you.  All this we ask in your most blessed name.  Amen

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