Prayer for February 2, 2021

O Lord our God. Thank you for all the essential workers and their families for all they have given up over this last year.  Be with all the people who work in the hospitals and care facilities to keep it safe and clean. May they feel your presence as they deal with the increased stresses of an already challenging job as they treat so many more ill people than normal, many of whom will not survive. May the patients, their families and friends dealing with illness and long-term care experience your healing embrace.  May we who are not sick, or caring for those who are sick, do what we need to do to make it so that this pandemic is behind us and learn from this time how much more important loving and caring for one another is than possessions or power.  May we become instruments of compassion and grace as we follow the call of love.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen

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