Prayer for February 4, 2021

Loving God, there are so many ways that we need your healing power.  We struggle with the regular physical illnesses, diseases and cancers and are currently overwhelmed by a virus that is killing way too many people. We also need you for the ways in which we are unwell that are more than medically defined.  We are inflicted with a disease of the soul that seems to want us to be divided and we seem to have struggle with a hatred that has grown to where we make winning at all costs the goal rather than expressing your love.  Help us to not respond to hateful or angry statements with like or greater force.  Instead help us find ways to turn the conversation toward what builds up, or to simply not give anger, anxiety, and hate the power it truly wants.  Fill us instead with a sense of your loving purpose.  May we be healed in all ways by the love that surpasses all understanding.  All this we ask in your most Holy Name.  Amen.

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