Prayer for February 8, 2021

Guiding God, each day is filled with choices.  Help me today as I am given the chance to decide how to best respond to what is before me.  May I not respond in haste, anxiety or anger.  Almost nothing I face today needs so immediate an answer that I can’t take a second to ask how my response might reflect what you would have me do in that situation.  Help me to take that time.  May my desire to get finished, or get where I am going, not distract me from seeing those things this day has to offer.  Make me comfortable enough that I can experience this day fully and to be so present to those I meet that they truly know I care for and love them.  When I am forced to decide on things for which there is no great or obvious answer, help me to measure whatever I do on whether it is true, loving and beneficial to those around me.  All this I ask in the name of you, O God.  Amen.

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