Prayer for February 10. 2021

May this day O Lord be filled with your spirit.  May it guide me to share your love with those around me. May I be quick to respond to need and slow to anger.  May I find ways to support people in my words and actions.  May I be open to new ways to see the world and any of the challenges that are before me.  Help me to remember that there is more than one right answer, and sometimes my expectations are not to be met.  When that happens Lord, let me see the opportunity that presents itself with the new place in which I find myself.  Give me patience in how I respond to things that I wish would happen more quickly and allow me to see something wonderful while I am waiting for what ever happens. May I be the first to admit when something I am doing is not working or wrong and look to learn from it so that I may succeed sooner.  All this I ask in your name O God of all Creation.  Amen

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