Prayer for February 20, 2021

O God of all Creation, help us to see the beauty this day gives us.  May we be aware of the needs of those we meet today, and use the blessings you have given us to spread your love.  Help us to see the opportunities to make life better for those who are in need.  Support those who are dealing with hard times right now.  There are many who are recovering, or in the midst of treatments that are scary and need to feel your presence.  May they not only feel it in the times when they are lonely, but see it in those who are treating them.  Be with all the families who are watching those they love work through all they have in their personal battles.  May the people who are charged with working with the sick and dying be empowered by your spirit to comfort and succor those they serve.  Give all of us the gift of your peace which passes all understanding while we face all that is before us.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

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