Prayer for February 27, 2021

O God our Creator, help us to see this day the beauty it has to offer.  Let us fully live into this day in new ways.  May we we find new things that excite us, whether it be what we learn from those we meet or what we had somehow not seen before, allow us to become passionate about something new.  If we are lucky enough to learn something new that continues a tradition or craft, help us to learn enough to be the next generation that shares that gift.  From learning knitting at a young age, my grandmother taught me that my mistakes were signature stitches that proved it was hand made.  May we all use our “signature stitches” to show we have not only learned from our mistakes but taken the chances required to learn.  Allow us to become something our society has lost, eager to learn something new just because we did not know it before.  May we be avid in attaining the knowledge that is before us.  Amen.

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