Prayer for March 16, 2021

O God who Parents us all, help all people who are parents to children during this time.  Be with the new parents who are enjoying the amazing gift they have been given while trying to figure out how to find time to sleep.  Allow those parents who are being challenged by toddler life to be given not only the patience they need but the excitement as they grow in so many ways in such a quick time.  As they move into the early elementary school years, help these parents as they try to understand what new ways of learning that have become the norm since they were young. As they move into the most challenging parenting time, Middle School, be with these parents as they struggle to be present, patient and loving.  May they help them through the time that none of us want to relive.  As they move into high school may we as parents be strong enough to challenge them when they are wrong, and humble enough to know when we have to admit that they are right when we disagree or have made a bad decision.  Let us be the example that they need throughout their lives.  Let us be the parent you have called us to be, today and every day.  Amen.

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