May 20, 2021

O Lord our God, on this day in history two of our most historic aviators began solo cross-Atlantic flights. We thank you for those adventurers like Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart who helped us challenge the boundaries of possibility and encouraged us imagine even greater feats than we thought possible.  May we continue to dream about and attempt the seemingly  impossible.  Help us to celebrate those who encourage us by their actions to try something new and see the opportunities before us.  May our young people have other adventurers who encourage them to dream in ways beyond what we can currently imagine.  It is that desire to know more and go beyond boundaries that you have instilled in us.  Continue to allow us to do greater works than we can ask or imagine and apply those lessons we have learned to make our world a better place.  Give us the willingness to try and fail, knowing that when we try and fail we succeed sooner.  Amen.

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