Prayer for May 19, 2021

O Lord our God, there are so many times when we struggle to admit our mistakes, shortcomings, or when we have wronged someone either intentionally or unintentionally.  Help us to recognize that asking forgiveness is the first step in becoming free from the guilt we carry.  It is taking the strength away from the evil that would have us be divided.  Give us the knowledge that asking forgiveness and apologizing is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. If we truly love one another as you have loved us, help us to recognize that love requires us to be in relationship with people and to take away the stumbling blocks of our own actions in those relationships.  May we be willing to humble ourselves when we are called to respond for our actions.  Let us also be willing to forgive those who come to us seeking forgiveness.  You call on us be overwhelmingly forgiving of others as an example of just how much we receive the same by your actions.  It is through your absolution of our sins that we are right before you and one another.  Amen

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