Prayer for May 18, 2021

O God who wants peace, on this day we remember the end of fighting in Europe in World War II.  We still find ourselves at war with one another in many places.  We cannot seem to overcome some of the fears, differences and hatred that seems to pervade and divide society.  Help us to continue to work toward a world where the only battles we fight are against disease, hunger and lack of adequate water.  May we look at each other as beloved children of God, needing love and opportunity to succeed and grow.  Help us to lift each other up and build upon the successes of others who have known that the best success is one whereby all lives are improved not just a select few.  Give us the patience to listen to those with whom we disagree long enough to truly have empathy for their story in hopes that we will both find common ground.  May the places that are most often struck by strife find new ways to look for peace and common ground.  May those who profit from continued war have their swords turned into plowshares and use the incredible power they have for building up rather than tearing down.  May we truly love our neighbors as ourselves.  And may your peace grow within us so much that we will overcome those who would have us tear others down.  Amen

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