Prayer for May 17, 2021

Loving God, be with the students, parents, teachers, coaches and administrators as we finish this challenging school year.  For many these next few weeks are filled with exams and final papers that need to be completed. For some it represents the end of their formal education and time for them to go out into the world.  Help us to send them out prepared for what lies ahead.  For others, it is a time of transition where they are moving from one formation position to another, help them build upon what they have already learned.  For the teachers it means moving into a time of rest and preparations for the next school year, help them to recharge their batteries.  For the parents it means a time where they often spend more time with their children, may they create incredible memories during that break period.  In all these times may we feel your presence and show our love for you and one another now and always.  Amen

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