Prayer for July 17, 2021

Creating God, you continue to create in us imaginations that allow new things to come into being.  Thank you for giving us writers whose imaginations help us make visions of the stories we read come alive making it incredibly real.  The musicians whose music allow us to feel and express emotions at so many levels.   The artists who use their various media’s to  recreate new images of the world as they see it give us the chance to see your creation in new ways.  We are grateful for those who use their gifts in so many ways.  We also are so thankful for the people who create things we don’t always see as art but know to be gifts of the imagination you gave us.  To the artists house express their skills by seeing new ways to heal us  with new medicines, surgeries your creativity is an art that paints a picture of what life might be like without disease.  Teachers who encourage, mold and develop young people see what can become of the students they teach and often don’t get to see the results of their completed works of art.  Thank you O God for all you have called to create in so many ways the art of your created world.  Amen 

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