Prayer for September 11, 2021

O God, who is with us at our best and worst moments, help us as we remember a day that changed us. On that day twenty years ago, we awoke as if it were any other day, and by the end of it we were shaken.  We lost so much, and were scared, angry and hurting.  Since that day we have gone through so many emotions. and forgotten the spirit we had those first few days after the attack. We ask that you let your spirit of love and compassion fill us and guide us so that we might move away from our own self interest.  May we come together and say, once again, that we will not let hate win the day.  May our actions this day, and everyday, honor the memory of those we lost on September 11th.  Give us an awareness when our own actions go against your call to love one another as you loved us. May we be instruments of compassion in response to the evil that was done on that day twenty years ago.  Amen  

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