Prayer for September 15, 2021

In the introduction to Henri Nouwen’s book Discernment it begins with this paragraph.

“During the past few years I have experienced an increasing desire to write to all of you who have become a part of that worldwide net in which I have been caught: close friends, past and current students, parishioners, correspondents, family, and community members.  Today, more than ever, I think of all of you as community.  I belong to you and you to me, and we to each other, whether we know each other or not, whether we have met or not, whether we have embraced or not.  We have been brought together by the goodness of God for reasons beyond our choosing and for the purposes of God”

O God, who chose and formed us with unique gifts and talents,  help us to be in community with one another.  May we treat one another as integral parts of our being.  Let us stand up in contrast to those who would spread hatred and anger.  Help us become a world that cares more about lifting people up than tearing people down.  May we find ways to feed, house and heal all who are in need or suffering.  May we become active in ministry to one another.  Let us find the purpose to which you have called us all.  Amen

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