Prayer for September 18, 2021

Heather and I have been blessed to have children be a part of our lives throughout our marriage.  We began our relationship as leaders at a national youth event and our married life spending the first 6 years at boarding schools.  We were blessed to have two incredible daughters and five foster children.  We continue to celebrate the several hundred children who are a part of our lives.

O God of all Creation, thank you for the gift of children.  You have let us experience the wonder of the beginnings of their lives.  The laughter that comes from an infant that lets us experience complete joy is such an incredible blessing. Being with them as they learn to walk, fall and stand up again both literally and figuratively is one of the most amazing things a parent, or mentor can experience.  May we who are lucky enough to spend our lives with young people recognize the amazing opportunity we have been given.  Give us the words we need when guiding them through the perils of growing up.  Allow us to listen to them fully and let them learn to solve the problems that are set before them.  May we know when we need to step in to protect them from pain and when we need to let them feel the pain of learning a lesson.  Let us walk with them through all the many times in their lives when they feel as if no one is there for them and may they come to know that they are never truly alone. May all of us who are a part of forming young people use our many gifts honor the opportunity we have been given by having them as a part of our lives.  May your blessings fill them with yours and our love.  Amen

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