Prayer for October 13, 2021

On this day in 1958, “A Bear Called Paddington” was released.  

Thank you God for the stories and stuffed animals of our youth. Whether it was the stuffed rabbit of the Velveteen Rabbit, Paddington, Pooh Bear or any of the myriad characters of our youth, they comforted us and helped us learn lessons.  Their adventures in story formed us.  Through them our imaginations were stretched and we had our first sense of unconditional love.  May we remember not only all that they meant to us, but live lives that honor the values those books taught.  Allow us to forgive others the way a child forgives and see the possibilities that those eyes see.  May we comfort others with the same passion we felt towards those stuffed gifts of God and show that we can truly love one another as we are loved.  Amen.

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