Prayer for November 1, 2021

As we celebrate All Saints Day, I thank God for all who have been saints in my life. I have been blessed in my life to have many people who have not only made my ministry better, they formed me into a better person. Some of them have gone to be with God in Heaven. As a young child, I did not have many male influences in my life. My natural father left shortly after my twin brother died. Since that time I have been blessed to have many men who have been mentors in my life who are with God in heaven. Some have been with me all along like my uncle Keith Buchanan, and my Godfather Bill Lynch. I am especially grateful for the ones that have come along as more than mentors like Joe Jester, Ab Allen, The Rev’s Mike Churchman and Jack Kilby, Frank Wise, and most recently, Rich Waugh. They more than formed me, they made me better. May all who have been blessed by such people celebrate the gift they continue to be in our lives.


Thank you God for the many great people who we have been blessed to journey with as we attempt to do your will. May we celebrate all they mean to us by living as people transformed by who they were to us and who we have become by their presence in our lives. Let us become mentors to others as they were for us. Allow us to live sharing the love that those people gave to us in our lives this day and every day. Amen

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