Prayer for December 16, 2021

O God who calls us to stand up to injustice, help us to be willing to sacrifice our comfort to support change.  On this day in 1773, we remember the Boston Tea Party.  It was among the times in history when a people oppressed stood up and challenged the status quo.  May we be comfortable enough in our own reality to recognize when we are the ones who need to change in order to make the world better.  Let us avoid the battles of our ancestors by working toward a world where everyone feels your love.  Give us the power to become the people that you created us to be, and fill us with your Spirit. Amen


One thought on “Prayer for December 16, 2021

  1. just a thought – (I grew up in Boston, and the Tea Party is part and parcel of our cultural heritage). Was the Tea Party in any substantial way different from the “grab and dash” mob storming that numerous retail stores are being subjected to today? Why do we honor one and condemn the other?


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