Prayer for January 8, 2021

Thank you God for the gift of Saturdays. For so many of us this is the one day we can sleep in, and not have too much distracting us. For others this is the day of select sports and other activities that make a family seem to have a seven day a week challenge to find a time for respite. Help those families to find some time in this weekend to recharge and find a place of peace in an overwhelming world. Give us all an awareness, before it is too late, of when we need to step back for our own personal health and find peace. Let us know when it is time to take control back from the expectations we have set for ourselves and re-evaluate what is truly important in our lives. Help us to know when we are carrying others expectations and burdens, especially when we are carrying their responsibilities as well. Give us the strength to hand those back to those who are meant to carry them, and be willing to walk with them as they complete the task set before them. May we be your presence this and every day. Amen

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