Prayer for Jun 10, 2022

Thank You God, for al the people who have chosen to work in a field that serves others. The challenges they face have become so more apparent over the past three years. Watching them deal with angry patrons and the way that the calmly ask people do what is reasonable is crushing, especially when they have been putting themselves in harms way during the pandemic to serve others. Help us to support them and not act like entitled spoiled children. Be with the healthcare workers who continue to serve us day and night, dealing not only with the anxieties of the families and patients, but with the stress of trying to heal sick and injured people. They continue to put themselves in danger while exposed new strains of the disease and others just to follow their call to serve. Be with those who protect us who, increasingly deal with more and more stressful situations and find themselves worrying about what kind of violence they may face. May we honor those who have given themselves for us and support them in the work they do. All this we ask in the name of a God who calls us to serve one another. Amen

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