Prayer for June 25, 2022

May we, Loving God, find ways to care for the weakest and neediest among us. We are often so selfish about getting ours and we bask in our abundance that we miss the obvious need right in front of us. May we so cherish life that we put others needs before our own. May we stand up to the obvious injustice of poverty, abuse and hatred that is pervading our society. Help us to recognize our own hypocrisy and selfishness and amend our ways. May we attempt to find the messy middle of polarizing issues and see the value of the person with whom we disagree. You designed us to see a reflection of you when we look into each other’s eyes, help us to remove our blindness when we refuse to see where you would have us change. May we use the many blessings you have given us to simply love. Amen

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