Prayer for July 7, 2022

Help us O God to understand what “Home” is in reality O God. For many it it easy they have lived in the same town, or place, their entire life. For others, it is much more complicated. I am awaking this morning for the last time in the house in which I have spent more nights than any other in the town that, other than Cincinnati, I have spent more time combined. Home for me is hard to define. Every place I have lived has a special place in my heart and is home in its own way. There are friends who I continue to have from most of them, and memories from all of them but the earliest of places. Help those of us who find themselves in new places to find that sense of home wherever we find ourselves. May our time as alien and stranger be short and may we as locals remember what it felt like to be strangers and welcome those new to our community as God would have us. Amen

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