Prayer for November 12, 2022

As I think about the scars I carry both visible and invisible, Healing God, I am most grateful that in spite of them, I still live. Some of them are marks of crazy or stupid things I have done, while others mark battles I have fought. Still others represent a long fought battle that continues with me still fighting. May I continue to feel your presence in all the challenges that I face. Help me to see the wonder and beauty of the life I have been given and know that the marks of my journey are just that, pieces of my life that show that I have not only lived but endured. Let me recognize that they make me who I am and give me a chance to be authentically present to those who are also facing challenges. May I share in the journey of others who also carry the marks of the lives they continue to live and may my love for them and you be apparent to them. Amen

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